Web Hosting Plans and Pricing

Starter Pro Business Pro Ultimate Pro
Price per month £0.99 £2.99 £4.99
Storage 5,000 MB 20,000 MB Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth 40,000 MB 80,000 MB Unlimited
24x7x365 Support      
Email Features
Mail Boxes 10 50 Unlimited
30GB Microsoft® Exchange Mailbox £9.99† £9.99† £9.99†
Webmail Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auto Responders 10 50 Unlimited
Mailing Lists 10 50 Unlimited
Email Forwarders 10 50 Unlimited
Catch-all Email Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Summary Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Filter Logs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Database Features
MySQL Databases 10 50 Unlimited
MySQL Interface      
Access Features
Master FTP Log-ins 1 1 1
Additional FTP Log-ins 1 10 Unlimited
SSH Server Access*      
Website Statistics
Error & Access Logs      
SiteMap Generator      
Webalizer Stats      
AWStats Statistics      
Bandwidth Stats      
Advanced Features
Extend Control Panel 2.0      
iPhone Control Panel      
Sub Domains 1 10 Unlimited
Web Builder Plus £19.99‡ £19.99‡ £19.99‡
Mobile Website Builder £5.49† £5.49† £5.49†
Online File Manager      
Website Redirect      
Backup Website      
Restore Website      
Password Protection      
Scheduled Tasks      
IP Address Blocking      
Directory Indexing      
FTP Locking      
Programming Features
PHP 4      
PHP 5      
Real Audio      
Sun ONE ASP      
Ruby Hosting      
Image Magick      
Ghost Script      
Zend Optimizer      
Ecommerce Features
Shared SSL      
Open Cart      
Agora Cart      
Zen Cart      
Presta Shop      
Tomato Cart      
Simple Invoices      
Private SSL Certificates From £70‡ From £70‡ From £70‡
Web Resources
100+ Logos      
Javascript Generator      
Handy Links      
One Click Install Apps
Joomla! CMS      
Drupal CMS      
Concrete5 CMS      
phpBB 2 & 3      
Elgg Social Network      
CMS Made Simple      
Guest Book      
Mambo CMS      
Vanilla Forums      
Geeklog Blog      
Nucleus Blog      
Locked Area Lite Password Manager      
eBlah Online Discussion Forum      
Typo3 Control Management System      
Crafty Syntax Live Help      
phpCOIN Web Hosting Billing System      
Silver Stripe      
Simple Machines Forum      
Zen Photo      
Status Net      
Lime Surveys      
Revive Adserver      
dotProject Project Management System      
Web Postcards      
Form to Email with CAPTCHA      
Banner Advert Management      
Online Auction      
Domain Name Checker      
Coppermine Photo Gallery      
Web Calendar      
Web Survey      
Internet Countdown      
Trouble Ticket Express      
Classified Adverts      
Java Clock      
Photo Gallery      
Media Wiki      
Sugar CRM      
Mantis BT      
Pixel Post      
Text Pattern      
Data Centre Features  
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* SSH server access is reserved for advanced users only. You must contact support to apply for access for security purposes.
† Stated price is based on a per-month basis.
‡ Stated price is based on a per-year basis.